Our founder, Angela Ardolino, knew the profound benefits of using CBD enriched hemp oil to treat her medical issues. But when she looked for safe, vegan, non-GMO, full-spectrum CBD formulated specifically for her dogs, she realized something: There wasn’t any. 

Even worse: what few products she could find on the market contained industrialized hemp oil from other countries and lacked regulation or strict standards.

So she decided to change that. 

Angela studied medical cannabis for three years and searched for safe hemp and essential oils grown and extracted in the USA. Using carefully selected ingredients, she and her trusted team formulated CBD DOG Health’s holistic pet products — designed for the benefit of your furry family members.

Our products contain Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD) a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes — the compounds in the plant that create therapeutic results.

Unlike other brands on the market, CBD DOG Health products are created specifically with your pet in mind. 

CBD DOG Health products include: homeopathic CBD enriched hemp oils for separation anxiety or traveling needs, extra-strength cannabinoid formulations specially made for more serious conditions like PTSD or pain from cancer, salves to treat skin ailments, like hot spots and allergies, and all-natural pet treats. All of our products were made to effectively treat your pet holistically and naturally.

CBD DOG is proud to share our growing line of holistic products for the well-rounded health of your dog, cat, horse, or any other pet. Because we care about your furry friends as much as you do. 

Our products are carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients and wide-spectrum cannabinoid blends, so there is something here to benefit every pet. In addition, we guarantee potency and purity through third-party lab testing.

Made with a homeopathic blend, including turmeric, our new oral tinctures are created with hemp seed oil for extended absorption and longer-lasting effects of our cannabinoid formulation. Relief is not just skin deep with our salves, which are made specifically to nourish, heal, and prevent irritation to your pet’s skin. Our growing line of pet products has something to help everyone.

We are passionate about helping your pet live their very best life. Because every dog deserves her day. 


Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil from the hemp plant is better than fish or flax seed-based oils, because it naturally has the perfect ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (3:1) which your pet needs. Hemp oil moisturizes a dog’s skin and fur correctly because it is herbal, and has virtually none of the side effects of fish oil. Hemp oil can prevent and treat numerous skin disorders in dogs, including dry nose, acne, eczema, rash and dandruff. Hemp seed oil can enhance blood circulation and stimulate a dog’s or cat’s cognitive thinking. Plus, it can thicken fur texture and lessen shedding. And because hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant, there are no psychoactive effects.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD)

Cannabidiol, or CBD, holds the key to the wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic effects.  The more we learn about CBD, the more it seems poised to revolutionize medicine as we know it. Just as CBD has helped humans, your dog can reap the same health-boosting (and even life-saving) benefits.


A non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBG’s antibacterial effects can alter the overall effects of cannabis. CBG is known to kill or slow bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, (particularly in its acidic CBGA form,) inhibit cell growth in tumor/cancer cells, and promote bone growth. It acts as a low-affinity antagonist at the CB1 receptor. CBG pharmacological activity at the CB2 receptor is currently unknown.


While it has the properties of a sedative, CBN is not psychoactive, and therefore it could actually be a useful way to medicate without getting high. That being said, the content of CBN in any bud is very tiny and seldom passes the 1% mark in cured bud, although only tiny doses are required for it to affect the body.

Studies have shown that CBN could contribute to stimulating bone tissue growth by causing an indirect recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells from surrounding bone marrow. Commonly known for their ability to transform into blood cells, these stem cells are also able to turn into bone and other tissues, potentially making CBN useful in healing fractures.

Another effect, almost the opposite of being able to generate bone tissue, is the ability of CBN to ease the overgrowth of skin cells. While seemingly unimportant, in patients with psoriasis (a condition where skin regeneration happens 3-4 times faster than normal due to inflammation) this could be useful in helping to regulate the body’s production of skin cells. CBN also showed potential in treating psoriasis when applied as a topical, which according to a 2008 study, could also be effective way of treating MRSA and burns.

As with CBD, CBN is an anti-inflammatory, but it also has pain relief properties which could help to treat burns by acting on TRPV2 receptors (also known as high-threshold thermo-sensors). Although trials are yet to come, the combination of CBN and CBD could be an efficient way in treating burns victims both in pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory.


CBDA has antibacterial, anti-nausea, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, painkiller and anti-tumor properties.  Studies show that CBDA helps to inhibit the migration of highly aggressive breast cancer.


MCT oil is made by extracting medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut oil. MCT oil can aid healthy weight loss and fat loss, boost brain power, support gut health, increase energy levels, and help control hunger. MCT oil is a source of fat that can quickly boost energy levels by increasing ketone production effectively.


Turmeric helps dogs and cats with pain, blood clots, irritable bowel disease, cancer and dementia.  Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin – which is essentially its active ingredient. Curcumin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, wound healing and anticancer properties. It can help fight diseases like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, gastrointestinal issues, Alzheimer’s and more. A Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas) study called it “Cure-cumin” because of its long list of amazing therapeutic and clinical uses.

Coconut Oil

The antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties of the medium chain fatty acids/triglycerides (MCTs) found in coconut oil have been known to clear up eczema, heal skin allergies (including dermatitis and itchy skin), minimize odor, reduce allergic reactions, treat yeast and fungal infections, hot spots, dry skin and hair, bites and stings, and promote wound healing.

Coconut Oil improves digestion, increases nutrient absorption, helps with colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome, reduces or eliminates bad breath and helps with coughing. It also assists with weight loss, balances insulin and helps control and prevent diabetes, aids arthritis and ligament problems, helps prevent infection and disease, and increases energy and mood.

Ginger Oil

Ginger oil is good for motion sickness, and aids in digestion, ginger is an anti-viral, anti-toxic, and anti-fungal. Older dogs and cats have weaker immune systems, leaving them much more susceptible to bugs and viruses. Ginger can be used to strengthen a weakened immune system. This herb also promotes blood circulation, flushes out toxins, and also helps to level out low blood pressure, which are all common health conditions in older pets.

Ginger oil is effective for pain relief caused by arthritis, dysplasia, strains and sprains.  Ginger supports the immune system and prevents cancer in dogs.

Arnica Oil

Arnica helps open up capillaries and increase lymph drainage. It is best to use it as soon as possible after working with dogs, or at the onset of injury or muscle trauma. It also helps move wastes out of the body and circulate blood to affected areas.


Frankincense works on the immune system. It has reduced tumors and external ulcers, and increases the blood supply to the brain. Frankincense also helps some cases of cancer. 


Lavender is great for soothing scared dogs due to its mood elevating, anxiety relieving, sleep inducing benefits. It helps allergies, burns, ulcers, and car sickness (to name a few). It also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. 


Vanilla beans have antioxidants that help prevent cell and tissue breakdown, stimulate the body’s natural regrowth and eliminate free radicals. The antioxidants also shield the immune system, decrease body stress and encourage faster recovery from injuries or illnesses. Vanilla also helps alleviate arthritisgout and other inflammatory conditions.

Small traces of calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc are found in vanilla beans. In particular, potassium is a vital component of cell and body fluids, helping regulate heart rate and blood pressure levels. Plus, the B vitamins thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5) and pyridoxine (B6) in vanilla beans assist with enzyme synthesis, enhance nervous system function and regulate body metabolism. Vanilla beans could also helpful in regulating body weight by increasing the efficiency of a dog’s metabolic system.


The inner leaf juice of the aloe plant is packed with nutrients and works great internally and externally to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and alleviate allergic reactions.  Great when applied to skin cancerous tumors, especially fibrosacrcoma tumors in pets.


Honey helps dogs with seasonal allergies, year-round allergies and food allergies. It’s known to heal wounds by acting as antibacterial and disinfectant when applied to cuts, scratches, bites, hot spots, pressure sores or burns. Honey also soothes kennel cough, aids in digestion, and boosts a pet’s energy levels.





All of the cannabis plants used in our products are grown 100 percent legally in the United States. Our hemp farms are located in Colorado  without the use of herbicides or pesticides. We know exactly what goes into our plants and our products, from start to finish.

Once our hemp plants have been harvested, we manufacture our oils in-house using  CO2 super critical extraction. This means we never use liquid solvents, like butane, isopropyl alcohol, or hexane.

Our products are full spectrum. Full spectrum means that we do not use CBD isolates, and in our extraction process, we preserve as many cannabinoids as possible. Through the preservation of cannabinoids (unlike a CBD isolate) the entourage effect can boost the healing benefits of every cannabinoid. In other words, while CBD is fantastic, the effects can be boosted with other cannabinoids and terpenes. When they are combined, the effect is even stronger.

The essential oils we use are grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides and extracted by cold press or CO2 extraction.


Angela Ardolino


Mother of Odie the mini-schnauzer, Nina the Doberman, Jolene the mix breed mutt, 23 ducks, 19 chickens, 9 geese, 1 bunny and a pig at her rescue farm, Fire Flake Farm.

Angela grew up in Miami, Florida and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is the founder of House of Alchemy, LLC, CBD Dog Health, Miami Children’s Theater, and Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

To see Angela on her rescue farm, Fire Flake Farm, surrounded by dogs, chickens, geese, and her pet pig, is to see her in her element. Looking at this furry, joyful family, you would never suspect that Angela and her pets were once full of aches, pains, and anxiety.

In 2013, Angela worked as a parenting expert, cared for animals, and participated in community events, but every morning when she woke up, she was in pain. After several doctor’s appointments, Angela was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and knew that she needed to find alternatives to the toxic medications being offered to her. She had heard of the benefits of CBD oil and it changed her life. The stigma surrounding medical cannabis and CBD oil was still strong at that time, so Angela decided to change that.

In 2016, after Floridians voted yes on amendment two, which legalized medical cannabis, Angela sold Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine and hosted Canna Conference, an educational event to bring together doctors, veterinarians, and patients to learn about the positive effects of medical cannabis and how cannabis reacts in the endocannabinoid system. During that time, Angela also earned earned a professional certification in Medical Cannabis for therapeutic use from the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Angela became active in Women Grow and United for Care, and became an advocate for safe, natural, ethically grown hemp and medical cannabis in the U.S. for people and animals to use.


While the government battled about growing hemp, Angela spent two years searching for ethical, safe hemp farmers in Colorado, where growing hemp was legal. She also spent that time finding trusted partners and building her team, including Ashok Patel, PhD, an essential oils expert, who been manufacturing plant-based products for several years, and Hernando Umana, a Broadway performer and CBD expert.

In June 2018, with the passage of the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp farming in all 50 states, Angela was finally able to obtain safe, non-GMO hemp grown in the U.S. in Colorado and released CBD Dog Health products.

Angela is also a co-owner of Beautify the Beast, a grooming and pet-boarding shop, and is the CEO of House of Alchemy, LLC, a U.S. company dedicated to cultivating and processing the purest medical cannabis products with the lowest environmental impact.

Angela spends her spare time tending to Fire Flake Farm, which not only provides a safe habitat for neglected and abused animals, but has also been a supplier of organic vegetables, micro-greens and herbs for the past six years.

To learn more about Angela Ardolino, visit AngelaArdolino.com.

Hernando Umana


Father of Blanche an 8-year old mini Shih Tzu, Hernando Umana has been a Broadway performer in New York City for the last 5 years.

He first met Angela Ardolino as a 15-year-old performing at The Miami Children’s Theatre. Coming from a very low income family, he couldn’t afford the fees to be part of the production, but Angie never let a kid miss out on being in a show due to financial issues, so she made him a deal – if he helped paint sets, work in the costume shop or anything else needed for the production, he would be part of the show, 100% free. It was here where she taught him a very important lesson – you can do and have everything and anything you want if you work harder than everyone else. With her help, he went on to study in one of NYC’s best musical theatre programs, AMDA, where he graduated at the top of his class.

In a profession where anxiety is absolutely crippling, he wasn’t getting the kind of work he knew he should be getting. Thankfully, in one of his many visits to Angie in Lutz, she asked him if he’d ever tried CBD to help the anxiety. He tried it and has never turned back.

Four years later, he has opened two first national tours, been on Broadway, worked with Cyndi Lauper, Brendan Urie, Andrew Loyd Webber and many others.

Once he had his feet planted in NYC he adopted a Shih Tzu named Blanche and they fell madly in love. They were very similar in one way – anxiety. After trying every remedy possible, he reached out to Angie for help. She happened to be entering the Medical Cannabis industry and working on a formulation to help dogs with anxiety, joint paint, inflammation and cancer. He was, of course, incredibly interested, and went deep into research. Together they created CBD DOG HEALTH.

He can now go to work knowing she’s not scratching and crying at the door. Instead, she’s laying comfortably in her bed. CBD was life changing for both of them. He could not be happier to be in a business with something he loves so much that helps dogs like Blanche live a happy, stress free life.

Joe Straughan


Father of Odie the mini-schnauzer, Nina the Doberman, Jolene the mix-breed mutt, Daisy the rescue senior chihuahua mix, Maza the rescue Australian Shepard mix, and countless ducks, chickens, roosters, geese, bunnies and one pig at Fire Flake Farm.

Joe is a native of Springfield, Missouri, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree with double-major in Marketing and General Business from Missouri State University. Since college he has developed extensive experience in experiential marketing, event planning and production, and non-profit association management.

For well over a decade Joe has been instrumental in development and execution of promotional campaigns for numerous consumer brands, having worked for several marketing agencies in Los Angeles and New York City. Some of his clients have included Crown Royal, Nintendo, Red Bull, Absolut, Sephora, Pandora Jewelry, Unilever, and iHeart Radio. Joe relocated to the Tampa Bay area in 2016, where he played an instrumental role in the planning and execution of Canna Conference, an educational event to teach healthcare providers, veterinarians, and patients about proper use of medical cannabis for treatment of a host of adverse health conditions.

Today Joe oversees day-to-day operations for House of Alchemy, LLC, CBD Dog Health, Beautify the Beast grooming and boarding spa, and Fire Flake Farm pet resort and rescue farm. Having witnessed first-hand the healing power of CBD and medial cannabis, Joe is excited to share the benefits of this natural medicine with pet lovers everywhere.

Krista Lyons


Proud mother of her (human) son Oliver, as well as Chloe, a 9-year old calico cat, Inigo, an 8-year old black cat, and Henri, a 2-year old tabby cat. Krista Lyons is a self-proclaimed poet, serial reader, writer, holistic pet health advocate, and cat lady.

Krista is from Tampa, Florida and has worked as a book editor, author, and journalist, and has contributed stories to Yahoo, The Penny Hoarder, and Tampa Bay Parenting. Krista met Angela when she began as an intern with Tampa Bay Parenting and had the privilege of working with and learning from Angie for years to follow. The only thing she is more passionate about than writing and reading is her pets (and, her husband, she supposes). When she is writing, one of her three cats is usually sitting in her lap and trying to make their own contributions to the story.

When her son (ahem, cat) Inigo suffered a bad reaction to a common flea treatment, Krista became obsessed with finding natural solutions to keep her cats healthy. With Angie’s help, she discovered the benefits of CBD oil for not only herself, but her pets, and has become an advocate for safe, natural treatments for all animals’ ailments.

She is excited to share ways to give your furry friends the best life.

Carter Easler

Director of Education and outreach

Dr. Ashok Patel, PhD


Dr. Ashok Patel earned a Ph.D. in bio-chemistry, specializing in the study of how the human body interacts on a chemical level. He was continually drawn to study how natural oils and extracts can be more beneficial than chemical compounds in affecting overall health.

Dr. Patel did his under-graduate studies at the University of Birmingham in England and graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Biochemistry and earned his Ph.D. in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Wales in Cardiff, Wales. All this between 1976 and 1982. After moving to Minnesota he realized he needed a better understanding of the business world so attended the College of St. Thomas, of St. Paul MN. In 1987 & 1988 and graduated with an MBA degree in 1988.

Dr. Patel’s quest for pure ingredients compelled him to purchase for his state-of-the-art laboratory & Manufacturing company (Centre Manufacturing) a highly-specialized machine from Germany that will allow him to extract oils from seeds at optimum therapeutic value. His research with Neem Oil, Rosemary Oil, Grape seed Oil, Thyme Oil, Grapefruit seed extract and Peppermint Oil are extensive and date back for over 20 years.

Dr. Patel enjoys developing new ideas and watching them grow into products to be put on the market.

Victor Legra


Victor Legrá is a entertainment producer and theatrical journalist. He’s worked with Tony award winning producer Ken Davenport and SiriusXM radio host & Broadway personality, Seth Rudetsky. He’s produced concerts at Joe’s Pub, New World Stages, 54 Below, Urban Stages, and more. He has previously produced and hosted the musical theater podcast The Set List. A graduate of Pace University and New World School of the Arts. He most recently worked as a producer on the hit television show The People’s Court.

Kelsey Semenuk


Kelsey is proud rescuer of Diva, the cat, and even prouder mother of her son, Maverick.

Originally from Massachusetts, Kelsey has vast experience working in both the equine and canine fields. She is also a seasoned horseback rider and a certified equine boarding specialist, having worked in boarding and daycare facilities from an early age. During college, she trained intensively in and achieved the highly coveted Expert Groomer status. Currently, Kelsey serves as a manager of Beautify the Beast, a high-end boarding and grooming facility just north of Tampa, FL owned in part by CBD Dog Founder, Angela Ardolino.

Kelsey joined CBD Dog Health in early 2018 and currently works as Sales Representative for the Southeast U.S. market and a lead of equine product line scheduled for debut in early 2019. As an advocate for natural solutions in pet care, Kelsey add “it’s an honor to work with a product line whose sole purpose is providing the best in natural care for pets”.

Cierra Little


Mother of Rockie, a 16-year old shih tzu, Denver a 7-year old hound and American bulldog mix, Xena, a 6-year old dingo mix, and Little Dog, a 2-year old chihuahua. Cierra Little is also the foster mother to two foster dogs at any given time from a local rescue group, Second Chance Friends.

Cierra has always been passionate about dogs, and loves working with them every day. Cierra was a CPDT-KA and AKC CGC certified dog trainer, and has worked for veterinarians, pet stores, and pet groomers, to name a few.

Cierra met Angie in while working for her grooming company, Beautify the Beast. She became passionate about CBD Dog Health when she was able to successfully treat her dogs’ separation anxiety and thunderstorm anxiety, and when she was able to successfully treat a tumor on Rockie’s rear.

She is proud to be part of the CBD Dog Health team and is happy to be able to bring relief to pets who need it the most.

Riley Brack

Riley Brack


Father of Chicken, pit bull terrier mix.

Riley lives in Seattle and has worked in theater for over 10 years. Riley is a nature-lover, yoga instructor, and enjoys traveling with Chicken. When Chicken began suffering from separation anxiety, Riley knew that he needed a natural solution and tried CBD Dog Health. He is happy to bring the same peace that Chicken has been able to find to dogs across the country.

Alex Ziemann


Mother of Bailey, an 8 year old Golden Retriever, Tatum, a 7 year old Great Dane, Finley, a 4 year old deaf/limited vision double merle Great Dane, Delta, a 2 year old deaf, double merle Great Dane, Zander, a 6 year old black cat, and Ziggy, a 1 year old tabby cat.

Alex is a therapist for See Spot Swim, a Canine Physical Rehabilitation Center in Montgomery, IL. She is also attending Benedictine University pursuing her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Alex has been working in the pet industry for 7 years in a variety of setting including retail, the veterinary industry, and now the rehabilitation industry. Alex also volunteers for Tiny and Tall Rescue. Her love of animals has been a life long passion, and when she found how CBD oil improved the lives of her pets, she was eager to help us spread the experience with pet owners all around Chicago.

CBD Dog Health education team (left to right):  Hernando Umana, co-owner, Angela Ardolino, founder, and Carter Easler, Education Director.